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Shutter Terminology

Crafted for Future Generations
  • Arch Top Any shutter style with a rounded top to fit arched windows.

  • Basswood Hardwood known for its fine grain. Used for interior shutters. Stainable.

  • Beading A decorative groove on shutter stiles. Often applied with rabbetting.

  • Bermuda Shutters An exterior shutter design attached to the top of the window and opening vertically. This allows airflow through the home while keeping the interior comfortabley sheltered. Particularly useful in coastal and tropical regions, where suprise showers are commonplace.

  • Board & Batten Shutters A simple yet elegant shutter style that includes vertical boards and horizonal rails attaching the boards together.

  • Control Bar/Tilt Bar Used to open and close operable louvered shutters. A false control bar can be used on fixed louvered shutters to give the appearance of operable louvered shutters.

  • Copper Capping Mounted across the top rail of the shutter, this prevents water from seeping into the wood.

  • Cross Rail Optional center rail that can be added to either Panel or Louvered shutter styles.

  • Custom Built The Philadelphia Shutter Company makes each shutter according to the specifications of the customer. Every shutter is made to order.

  • Dowels Mahogany wood pegs used to hold the shutter together.

  • Hand Forged Hardware that has been wrought by a blacksmith, using the colonial method of hammering each individual piece to shape, by hand.

  • Hardwood A close grained wood from deciduous trees. The Philadelphia Shutter Company utilizes the finest Basswood, Poplar and Mahogany in the construction of our shutters.

  • Hinges Hardware that mounts to the shutter, attaching it to the window hardware.

  • Lag Mount Standard mounting option when mounting into a masonary face.

  • Louvers Slanted, fixed or operable fins. Operable louvers allow adjustment of light and airflow into a room or provide privacy. Fixed louvers offer a distinguished touch for room dividers, closets, dressing rooms, cafe doors, ect. The Philadelphia Shutter Company offers 4 different sizes to suite your needs.

  • Mahogany One of the highest grade exterior hardwoods. It is noted for its durability and rich color. This wood is for the customer who will spare no expense.

  • Offset The distance from the face of the casement to the outermost surface of the structure.

  • Overlap Rabbetting This detail makes the shutters overlap each other in the closed position. It also enhances the shutter.

  • Paneled Shutters Shutters made with solid panels, historically used for protection and privicy. The Philadelphia Shutter Company offers a wide range of styles sure to accommodate your neeeds.

  • Pintles The pins on which the hinges swing. The pintles are mounted to the structure. We offer pintles in various configurations, to match different installation situations.

  • Plate Mount An early holdback mounting option that does not require structural member backing, usually seen on frame homes.

  • Poplar A strong, durable, light colored hardwood. The Philadelphia Shutter Company creates fine, Poplar interior shutters, that will create a lasting impression for years to come.

  • Rail The horizontal piece of the shutter frame.

  • Show Hinges Hinges arranged to mount so as to be visible when the shutter is in the open position.

  • Shutter Builder The Core of our Website. Where you can obtain CAD drawings, shutter options and pricing.

  • Shutter Holdbacks A piece of hardware that is used to hold back open shutters. The Philadelphia Shutter Company offers many different design options to complement your taste and the style of your home. Also refered to as 'Dogs'.

  • Shutter Horns Stiles that extend pass the bottom rail of the shutter. Found mainly in the New England States.

  • Sill Mount A holdback mounting option in which the arm fastens to the sill and extends the holdback to the shutter.

  • Slide Bolts Hardware used to keep shutter in closed positon.

  • Softwood Any soft, light-textured wood, especially the wood of coniferous trees.

  • Stile The vertical frame member of a shutter.

  • Sunburst Radial louvered shutters, designed for Palladian openings.

  • Throw The measure of the horizontal movement of the edge of the shutter as it swings from the open to the closed postion.

  • Traditional Hardware Wrought steel, period-style hardware authentic to the American achitecture of the industial revolution.

  • Western Red Cedar Western Red Cedar is one of the world's most durable woods. Natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage has long made Western Red Cedar the premier choice for either interior or exterior home use. For more information about Cedar, please visit WRCLA.