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Crafted for Future Generations

The Philadelphia Shutter Company was founded in 2004 in order to provide high quality historically accurate custom wooden shutters at a competitive price. Our line of shutters is inspired by the 18th and 19th century homes of Philadelphia. Through our relationship with local blacksmiths, we are able to offer authentic period hardware along with our shutters.

Historical Accuracy

Our concern for historically accurate dimensions and construction details led us to the Architectural Study Collection of Independence Park. The Independence Park collection contains architectural objects dating back to the 18th Century with many varied examples of original Philadelphia shutters. Our careful measurements, photographs, and contour tracings greatly influenced the design of our line of products. This line represents a large number of architectural styles and periods. You will likely find a shutter that correlates with your project, and our concern for traditional and period detail provides a higher level of authenticity for your exterior shutters. We are happy to work with any historical commission or homeowners association in order to meet your specific needs.

Custom Designs

Our skilled craftsmen use modern tools to create your custom requirements. This means that any details needed to match existing shutters or your unique requirements can be easily created through the use of Computer-Aided-Design and computer controlled machinery. The reliability and accuracy of this equipment enables us to work to precise tolerances, ensuring strong, lasting construction as well as competitive pricing. We have equipped our team of skilled craftsmen with modern machinery and knowledge to provide high quality wooden shutters that meet our customers needs.

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